Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Review

Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish and high quality set of boxing gloves? This Venum impact boxing gloves review explores a great pick by an upcoming brand to help you find the right choice for your needs.

Venum impact boxing gloves are an authentic set of heavily padded gloves that are designed to offer full protection for your hands without affecting your output. These boxing gloves are specially designed to absorb impact to your hands, wrist and thumb, ensuring comprehensive protection. They are comfortable and breathable, which makes them ideal for extended use. The Venum impact gloves are available in a range of colors, including white, gray, black/white and dark camo.

The triple density shock absorbing foam, reinforced but breathable build and longer cuffs ensure full protection and comfort with these gloves. They ensure added protection for fighters and their partners, without compromising on the weight of your punch. They are ideal for professionals and beginners alike, thanks to different aspects of their design that makes them stand out. But will the Venum impact boxing gloves offer value for your needs? Here is a detailed breakdown of these gloves.

What should you expect from the Venum impact boxing gloves?

While Venum has only been around for slightly longer than a decade, the Venum impact boxing gloves have picked up popularity due to their aesthetics, design and overall performance. This is a result of the gloves’ high quality and versatile application. The Venum impact boxing gloves offer a high level of protection, and include design perks that should ensure greater value to you than other options. The longer cuff and dual closing design on the Venum impact, for instance, allow for added wrist protection without any loss of force when punching. The gloves are made with high quality materials and are breathable, allowing your hands to stay cool and comfortable even when used for a long time. With these durable and well designed gloves, you should expect consistent and comfortable use for a long time.

What are some of the key features of the Venum impact boxing gloves

Padding and closure

Venum impact boxing gloves make use of a triple density foam padding to provide added protection for your hands. This impact absorbing padding extends to your thumbs and wrists as well, offering wholesome protection. The gloves are designed to allow comfortable room without being too loose, which ensures maximum efficiency for the heavy padding.The reduced impact allows you to train harder for longer and prevent fatigue or injury. The strap design of the Venum impact boxing gloves also offers added protection. It is longer than the standard strap length, and features a unique design to stay strapped securely even with intensive use.

Impact protection

The gloves’ triple density foam absorbs impact to provide a high level of protection for your wrist, thumbs and hands. All parts of this glove are heavily padded, but the strap offers greater padding for even more security. They will work well to protect you when sparring or engaging in heavy bag work.

Comfortable fit

The Venum impact boxing gloves are securely fitting without being too tight. These gloves are snug, but allow some room for hand wraps. The longer cuffs makes these gloves even more secure, which is why they are a top suggestion by trainers. These gloves are pound-for-pound more comfortable than many other alternatives available in the market. They are made with great materials and are designed to offer added protection. They will remain comfortable even when used for lengthy sessions.

High quality breathable build

The gloves are made with a soft synthetic leather exterior, which might be a turn off for some people. Synthetic leather greatly depend on the brand quality, and there are some options that will crack and wear out very quickly. However, Venum delivers a great quality fabric that looks and feels good for a very long time. The model also features a mesh panel that allows the gloves to be breathable, which enhances their comfort and increases their ease of use for longer sessions.

Are the Venum impact boxing gloves right for me?

Venum impact boxing gloves are made from synthetic leather, as opposed to real leather which will often require very careful maintenance. You will not need to spend hours cleaning your gloves with special conditioners and cleaning agents, instead only needing to wipe them down with a damp cloth. If you have little expertise on maintenance, or lack the time to thoroughly clean your gloves, Venum impact could be a great option.

The overall stellar quality of the gloves makes them an ideal option for a variety of needs. The gloves are built to be versatile as well, and work well just as well for heavy bag work as they will for sparring. They are heavily padded, and offer protection to your wrists and any partners you might be working with. They do have limited finger mobility, which makes them limited for grappling. If you are looking for a high quality set of gloves for boxing, the Venum impact gloves could be an ideal option.


  • Comfortable when used for lengthy training sessions
  • Great thumb protection
  • Long padded cuffs offer added wrist protection
  • High quality build will last for a very long time
  • Snugly fitting gloves can be used without tying
  • Versatile gloves work well for different needs


  • Can be high end in terms of pricing


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Venum impact boxing gloves will be a great pick for many people because they deliver quality and comfort, as well as offer versatile use. The high quality build with a precise and detailed finish will ensure full value and protection, whether you are working with a heavy bag or taking up sparring. These gloves are durable, and can be used for long without a compromise in the level of protection offered. They are aesthetic and well designed, and feel even better than they look. Venum impact boxing gloves re a bit high end in terms of cost, but the comprehensive quality and detailed finish ensures they are a value for money option. These gloves are solid, versatile and well suited for a range of needs for fighters.