Fairtex Bgv14 Review

Can you find sturdy high performance gloves that are versatile, lightweight and stylish? Many models only meet one or two of these standards. This Fairtex BGV14 review explores an option that ticks all three criteria, which might just be what you are looking for.

The Thailand made Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are a great option for customers looking for an authentic and high quality pair which is padded well for comprehensive protection. The Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are also very attractive, with each option available in one of a number of customized finishes. Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are lighter than many other training gloves, but still deliver comprehensive protection and offer great value for use with bagwork and sparring. The lighter build and stylish aesthetic makes them a very great choice for people who want more than the generic monochromatic boxing glove options available. The gloves also meet high performance standards, making them great all rounders.

Will the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves meet your needs? These gloves are comfortable and durable, The thin microfiber exterior offers somewhat limited protection for very heavy hitters, but it is durable and just as hardy as leather. It also requires less maintenance and faces fewer risks of damage, making it a better long term investment. This Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves review dives further into the detail to explore a versatile and appealing option that could be the answer to your boxing glove needs.

What to expect from the Fairtex bgv14 boxing gloves

Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are immediately attractive, thanks to their stylish build and thorough construction. These gloves will work as well as they look and deliver a durable experience. They are tough and sturdy without being rigid,, a rarer feature for versatile boxing gloves. The padding in the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves is decent, and will provide sufficient amounts of support for your wrists, thumbs and knuckles. These stylish gloves are very hardy, thanks to different specialized aspects of their build, such as the creative aesthetic on the microfiber exterior.

The exterior is as tough as leather but requires much less maintenance, allowing or convenient use. The gloves also feature a specialized wicking protein leather interior lining that is very comfortable around your hands. The lining also ensures your gloves are kept cool and dry, allowing you to use them for longer sessions at a go. The Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves will handle a variety of needs, thanks to their versatility. They will provide protection for your partner during sparring just as effectively as they would cover you during bagwork. These gloves are very lightweight, and may offer limited impact protection when compared with other tougher options. They are suitable for a variety of needs, but may be limited for very heavy hitters. For people that do not pack high power in their punches, the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves could be an ideal match.

What do the Fairtex bgv14 have to offer?

Here are some of the key features of the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves.

Durability and build

The Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves is a well built option that will deliver a few years’ worth of service at least. These hardy gloves often outlive their warranty because they are built for endurance. They are tough but light, allowing for freer movement with a minimal compromise to shock protection. The secure closing also allows you to firmly keep them on at all times, and provides a better grip. The Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves feature a specialized microfiber exterior that is as hardy as leather. It is very easy to clean, but is durable and ensures full value of your gloves with the right use.

Padding and protection

The padding on the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves is somewhat limited, compared to other heavy duty boxing glove alternatives. May not offer heavy hitters ideal protection, it will work well for everyone else. The gloves are sufficiently padded for comprehensive protection. This includes the wrist and thumb, which features a thumb lock for eye protection. The padding is sufficient for bagwork and sparring,, and boosts the versatility of the gloves. For best value, the gloves should not be put to consistent heavy duty use to avoid exposing them to wear and tear.

Comfort and aesthetic

Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are available in a number of customized options featuring different attractive finishes. You will be able to find a nice fitting ad great looking option that suits your needs and matches your wardrobe. The gloves offer an unbeatable level of comfort. They feature a very supple and breathable inner lining that increases the dispersion of sweat for a consistently dry and comfortable feel. The padding of the Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves also feels natural around your fists, boosting both your comfort and protection.

What we liked

  • High quality microfiber exterior is as durable as tough leather while being lighter and easier to maintain
  • Breathable and comfortable even with extended use
  • Sufficient padding provides comfort and protection
  • Secure wrist closure is also heavily padded
  • Thumb hook and contoured and design for a more natural fit
  • Ergonomic and stylish gloves are also versatile

What we didn’t like

  • Lighter weight limits effectiveness of shock absorption rate for very heavy hitters


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The Thailand made Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves offer a great experience and suit a variety of needs. This lightweight but heavily padded gloves offer sufficient impact protection, ensuring both sparring partners are protected. The gloves are designed with a durable microfiber exterior which offers the durability of cowhide leather without the work or the odor that comes with the alternatives. These gloves will also be much lighter as a result, making them ideal for people who are not quite used to heavier training gloves but want the level of protection and support they provide. The lengthy cuff design and signature handcrafted Fairtex construction will offer even greater value to customers, with the stylish aesthetic boosting their appeal. The Fairtex BGV14 boxing gloves are functional, attractive and versatile, and could be handy additions to your gear.