Rdx Elite Boxing Gloves Review

Are you looking for high performance boxing gloves for your daily routine? The RDX elite boxing gloves could be what you’re looking for. This RDX elite boxing gloves review offers an in depth assessment of these handy options.

RDX elite boxing gloves are built to sustain regular heavy duty use. The gloves are built to last in the toughest environment, which means that they can withstand countless hours of sparring and bag work. These gloves are tough and durable, but they have also been noted as being comfortable and enjoyable to use over extended amounts of time Like other leather gloves, they will attract thorough maintenance and greater overall care, but they will guarantee durability over faux leather and other alternatives.

Will the RDX elite boxing gloves be appropriate for your needs? The gloves are very comfortable and have been praised for their durability. These gloves will deliver years of service, and will absorb every hit each time. Different design aspects boost the model’s value, and improve its performance. Will this model suit your needs? We explore the RDX elite boxing gloves in detail below.

What should you expect from the RDX elite boxing gloves?

The RDX elite boxing gloves are tough and durable. They are designed to last, and are great long term solutions to your glove problems. These gloves will maintain their high quality over me thanks to high end construction and a top notch selection of materials. The RDX elite boxing gloves will remain comfortable with lengthy use thanks to a breathable lining and specialized temperature control technology that keeps the gloves dry as well. When using RDX elite boxing gloves, you will be able to keep cool and dry, reducing the need to take off your gloves. This means they can serve professionals too.

The user friendly and tough RDX elite boxing gloves will be very easy to hook up and close. The gloves need careful maintenance, but the leather will last even longer and boost the durability of your gloves with proper care. The soft gel lining and consistent heavy padding will ensure an even and protected fit around your hands, reducing any risk of damage to your wrists and thumbs. The model does not offer 8 oz gloves, but the smallest sizes should be compatible with lightweight fighters. The RDX elite boxing gloves can be a consistent and sturdy option to suit your boxing glove needs for a long time yet.

What are the top features of the RDX elite boxing gloves?

These are the key features of the RDX elite boxing gloves.

Design and build

The RDX elite boxing gloves are fortified with great quality construction to ensure increased durability. These cowhide gloves are very tough, and guarantee lengthy service. They feature a dual padding system that increases the shock absorption level for added effectiveness. They are also designed for a padded grip, allowing fighters to maintain the proper punching technique with use. The RDX elite boxing gloves feature a specialized strap closure system that ensures maximum security and comfort, allowing the gloves to stay on at all times. The aesthetic color options should be appealing to anyone looking for more than the basic black and white picks available with many brands.

Protection and padding

The RDX elite boxing gloves are layered with shell-shock infused multi-level padding for maximum impact absorption. These gloves can handle any punch, and will always offer protection for your fists. The RDX elite boxing gloves are user friendly, and protect sparring partners too. Despite the heavyset build, the blended padding works to provide an ideal cushion for use with heavy duty action. The gloves are also padded around the thumb and wrist areas, ensuring comprehensive protection for your hands when boxing.

Comfort and fit

The patented Quick EZ hook system increases the comfort and fit of these gloves. You can quickly strap them on or take them off without any help. The gloves also feature a mesh lining and comfortable fabric interior which ensure maximum breathability for consistently comfortable gloves, even with extended use. The padded grip hose maintains a natural fist shape, allowing the gloves to be comfortable throughout. This secure fit boosts the overall level of protection offered by the gloves by ensuring your hands are protected by heavy padding and that your fists are naturally shaped with minimal effort.

Additional features

The RDX elite boxing gloves could be a versatile and handy addition to your boxing gear thanks to its added durability. This tough set of gloves is designed for increased impact absorption and heightened security levels with use. The gloves also feature a specialized temperature control system that helps to dissipate heat and sweat during your workout to keep the gloves cool, dry and comfortable. The sweat wicking nylon mesh used in these gloves will protect both hands and fabric from odors and germs.

What we liked

  • Well designed, quality craftsman and great balance
  • Comprehensive protection for all parts of your hands
  • Comfortable and naturally fitting
  • Durable and high performance option is a value buy at its price range

What we didn’t like

  • Might be too tight to accommodate large hands and hand wraps simultaneously


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The RDX elite boxing gloves offer a limited selection in terms of size, with no less than 10 oz gloves available. However, their thick padding ensures these gloves can handle heavy duty use over a long time, making them a great choice for people who are looking for a long term addition to their gear. These cowhide leather gloves will last a very long time if properly maintained, and represent a value buy for customers looking for a purchase that will prove a long term bargain. The smart hook and lop closure system allows for a secure fit, with the comfortable and natural cushion provided by the gel padding and lining providing even more convenience. You cannot go wrong with the RDX elite boxing gloves, and you could end up with a very durable option with the right maintenance of these leather gloves.