Why are Grant boxing gloves so expensive?

The first thing you notice about Grant boxing gloves is the attractive aesthetic on offer, with a great quality finish. The second thing you will likely notice about these gloves is the high price point. Grant boxing gloves will cost almost twice as much as some leading picks on the market. The gloves might put off potential customers at first glance thanks to the high cost, but they are a very high quality option that might just set the tone for your expectation with boxing gloves. So why are Grant boxing gloves so expensive? This detailed look into Grant boxing gloves helps to explore different aspects of design and build that may play into the pricing.


Grant boxing glove review

Are Grant boxing gloves worth their price tag? How do they compare with other tried and trusted options that are much lower priced but still offer value, such as Winning boxing gloves, for instance? We break down your Grant boxing gloves to determine whether one of the most expensive options on the market will set the bar for a pair of gloves. Will Grant boxing gloves live up to the expectations? We feel that Grant boxing gloves outperform other gloves in most categories, except the price. If the price point is within your budget, then Grant boxing gloves could be the best choice for your needs. Here are some of the key features of the gloves to help you understand whether or not these gloves will offer value for your needs.

Padding and protection

The right padding can be tricky to achieve. If your gloves are too heavily padded, they can feel pillow-like and may offer limited value for training. If your gloves are too lightly padded, you may be more prone to hand and wrist injuries. Grant boxing gloves strike a great balance, with their padding offering a comfortable and protected feel without being too soft. Grant gloves offer a stiffer padding than the plush alternative of Winning gloves, while providing more protection than Cleto Reyes gloves. These gloves also feature a great thumb locking design that limits movement when throwing punches.


Grant boxing gloves will be a snug fit, which may limit the quality of comfort for people with big hands who are also interested in wearing hand wraps underneath them. If you have average to fairly large hands, the gloves will offer a very comfortable fit. The gloves compare favorably to other leading picks in terms of comfort, which might explain the spike in price. With Grant boxing gloves, you will be guaranteed better feedback and pop when punching, allowing you to sharpen your technique with minimal risk of injury. For the quality of comfort alone, Grant boxing gloves are worth every penny.


These gloves are made with a tough leather exterior, which will outlast most options on the market. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the longevity of their Grant boxing gloves, and you may be able to enjoy lengthy use. You should keep in mind that gloves with the genuine leather exterior will require more careful maintenance than options with a synthetic coat. For best value, you need to maintain your gloves well.

Craftsmanship and build

The genuine leather exterior is not the only impressive aspect of the gloves’ build. They feature one of the best fits over your fist, with the flat shape reducing the likelihood of rolled wrists. You can sharpen your technique and land punches exactly where you want to with these gloves. The craftsmanship also extends to the high quality stitching, with the gloves being very well finished. They feature an attractive aesthetic, with a range of unbeatable custom options. If you are looking for a pair of boxing gloves that are attractive, very well designed and finished to your liking, the Grant boxing gloves will be a great choice.

Are Grant boxing gloves a value for money buy?

Will Grant gloves offer value for money? We tried out a pair to assess the quality, build and overall performance of the gloves. The pricing is a little higher end, but the value on offer is immense. Here are some of the pros and cons of the gloves that we encountered.


  • One of the best made gloves on the market
  • Great snug fit around your hands
  • Offer high quality padding without compromising punch power
  • Breathable and comfortable boxing gloves


  • Very high end in terms of pricing
  • Can take up to 6 weeks to deliver when ordered directly from the brand

How we rate Grant boxing gloves


Rating (X/10)

Design and aesthetics
Padding and protection

What should you look for in an ideal pair of boxing gloves?

Are you interested in buying boxing gloves? Grant gloves could be a great choice for durable use. But the higher end pricing will tend to exclude a lot of potential buyers. If you are looking for boxing gloves, how will you find the right pair without exceeding your budget? Here are a few questions that you may need to consider to help you out.

What type of training am I interested in taking up? – Your training interests will dictate the type of gloves that are best suited for you. Training gloves are versatile enough to offer value for bag work and sparring.

How intensive is my training? – If you are thinking about training with your gloves for more than twice a week, you may need to consider hardy options with thicker padding to ensure great protection and durability.

What exterior material should my gloves feature? – If you are starting out, we recommend using vinyl and synthetic leather gloves to help you understand the basics. Once you are all caught up, you can then move to hardy and durable leather gloves.

Final word

Why are Grant boxing gloves so expensive? Because they are comparatively one of the best gloves to have ever been made. These gloves deliver superior comfort and protection, featuring a stiffer padding than most without being too rigid. The gloves are also durable, and will outlast a large number of options on the market. If you are looking for an ideal pair of boxing gloves and have the budget to match, then Grant boxing gloves are a hands down leading choice for your needs.