About Us

Men and women in the sports industry have a hard time getting genuine equipment for their sporting activities. What we therefore offer is a comprehensive review of the various boxing equipment such as gloves, headgear, hand wraps, punching bags, and boxing shoes.

Boxing gears at times are too hyped but fail to offer functionality, they come in a variety of flashy colors and designs but the material used in construction turns out to be substandard. Many companies out there are out for profits; whereas, companies that make quality boxing equipment retail their products at very high prices.

But then again a cheap glove will easily get you a hand injury, which may end your career. There is more than just the cool graphics inscribed on a glove and it is important that you know your weight and match it to the weight of the glove.

The boxing headgear is a guard that will protect your skull from the impact of a punch, and to make sure that you don’t exit your career before your intended time, a well-padded head guard will be a worthy investment. Like any other business, you will not fail to meet with the counterfeits that may be too heavy for your head, too hot or lightly padded.

Our aim, therefore, is to ensure that you get the best durable product at affordable prices as there are qualities that should be aligned with good headgear. We will, therefore, sample a few, break down their features and recommend a perfect fit for your training and serious match needs.

Punching bags, on the other hand, are considered by the quality of the top material, for beginners you might want to get a bag that is half your body weight or light in weight. For adults and professional boxers, heavy bags would be ideal.

In addition, as you perfect your kicking and punching technique you should be able to understand the particular type of bag that will match with your goals. For example, you might want to perfect on your uppercut punch, sharpen your reflexes or improve the speed of your punches.

We will, therefore, provide you with information on the different types of punching bags to enable you to find the correct one that will match your needs. On the other hand, bad hand wraps have a way of negatively impacting your workout. A hand wrap with a little too much material will protect your knuckles and fists.

To this end, we will provide you with information on what goes into a good hand wrap. Worthy to note is that a hand wrap and gloves each perform specific functions with regards to protecting your hands and it is advisable to use them both. Hand wraps hold your bones together when you throw a punch and gloves lessen the physical impact of a punch.

A good boxing shoe first has to be comfortable and provide the necessary grip, have good sole support and be of the right height for ankle support. Hard punches can send you sprawling on the floor but with good traction, you can hold your balance and fight back.

Our goal, therefore, is to ensure that your boxing needs are met with the right durable products that will not only help you win but also protect and advance your career.