Sanabul Boxing Gloves Review

Boxing gloves can be priced out of your budget. There are a number of great alternatives that can provide value for your needs without being too costly. This Sanabul boxing gloves review looks at a great value pick.

Great gear can be the difference between success and failure for professionals and newbies alike. You may consider tried and trusted brands for your gear, and Sanabul is one such option. This popular brand has been active for a long time and is popular with fighters for the quality of their products. Their gloves in particular are protection-oriented, and are made with great quality materials. The aesthetic appearance combines with the superior protection provided to ensure the Sanabul boxing gloves offer value for your needs.

What do the Sanabul boxing gloves offer? This in depth article explores a value buy that could prove a shrewd addition to your boxing gear.

What should you expect from the Sanabul boxing gloves?

Available in four theme colors, the Sanabul boxing gloves are a trustworthy set of options for your boxing that will suit a tight budget. These gloves are sturdy, sleek and secure. They are very highly rated for their performance and value. They offer protection and durability, and could be a great solution to your boxing needs for a long time.

The attractive design of the Sanabul boxing gloves matches their comfortable fit. These gloves are secure, and designed to provide maximum impact protection. They are versatile and well padded, working well for either bag work or sparring. These gloves will remain comfortable through lengthy periods of use, which makes them ideal for extended action.

The Sanabul boxing gloves protects your sparring partner, thanks to the decent quality padding. This is not as heavy as other higher priced alternatives, but it is enough to meet various needs. The quality of construction of this set of gloves ensures that the padding will last a long time, which maximizes the value of the gloves. They are well designed, and an overall great fit.

The Sanabul boxing gloves are made from a blended leather exterior, which needs a bit more care and maintenance than faux leather. It will not require any leather conditioners, and a regular wipe should do just fine. Remember to air out your gloves after cleaning and use to air them out.

What do Sanabul boxing gloves offer?

Padding and protection

While the Sanabul boxing gloves lack the professional grade heavy duty padding of other brands, they feature a very impact absorbent blend that combines with the great build to ensure great value. The proprietary gel foam padding will absorb hits and provide protection for partners during sparring. It will eventually break down, but the powerful gel foam will last for a very long time. It will require a break in period to get used to your gloves, but that should not deter you from a great set of gloves as it is a common feature on most options.

The glove engulfs your hand in your natural punching position. It will ensure customized protection for your thumbs, fingers and wrists, absorbing all-impact. You will be protected at all times when using this glove thanks to the high quality gel foam.

Comfort fit and closure

These gloves will stay comfortable throughout their use. They are very securely fitting all around your hand. They also feature a soft inner lining that increases their level of comfort. They feature a Velcro closing system that is easy to take off or put on. The Velcro strap is secure and wider than the average glove, They are not the best for people with very large hands, however, and may feel a bit too tight.

Quality of build

The exceptional quality of the Sanabul boxing gloves makes them stand out. They are very durable, thanks to the tough leather exterior and appropriate padding. These gloves are used with great quality materials all around, and this is supported by high end construction as well. The attention to detail in the stitching boosts the appeal of the gloves, in combination with the aesthetic range of colors available. They feature a foam gel blend that is designed to provide much more impact protection than standard padding could be expected to. The impressive closure system and mesh panel for structural integrity which ensure even more value and longevity

Breathability is a key feature to consider when buying a pair of gloves. While impact protection is key, how your gloves absorb and diffuse sweat could be key to finding a durable set. The inner lining of an ideal set of gloves, such as that offered by Sanabul boxing gloves should be comfortable. You will not need to take off your gloves for lengthy sessions as this specialized inner lining will ensure all sweat diffuses out of your gloves, ensuring they remain comfortable and safe throughout even the most grueling sessions. They are great for a variety of needs, and will handle heavy duty bagwork and regular sparring. Due to the lack of very heavy duty padding, they may be limited for very heavy hitters. The brand only offers 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 oz gloves. For light, medium and slightly heavy hitters, the selection should suffice.


  • Budget friendly gloves
  • Easy to put on, take off and maintain
  • Breathable construction in very durable build
  • Offer solid wrist protection
  • Versatile set of gloves


  • Not as heavy padding as some alternatives
  • May require some breaking in


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The versatile Sanabul boxing gloves will be suited to bag work and sparring, offering protection with decent padding It is not the heaviest padding available for boxing gloves, but they make up for what they lack with a durable and breathable exterior that is designed to prolong the longevity of these gloves. They are available in a variety of custom colors and weights, helping you find a perfect fit. With proper care of the blended leather exterior, you should be able to enjoy the value of these hardy options for a long time to come!