Leone Boxing Gloves Review

Are you in the market for a great set of gloves that deliver efficient impact protection? This Leone boxing gloves review looks into a stylish option that could be ideally suited for your needs.

Made by a great Italian brand, Leone boxing gloves have been a mainstay in gear options for boxers. The brand offers great quality gloves which are comfortable, durable and superior at providing impact protection for fighters in different weight classes. You cannot go wrong with a set of Leone boxing gloves, and with the right maintenance, could ensure full value for your needs.

Leone boxing gloves are a versatile choice made by a brand that has been active since 1947. They feature high quality construction and make use of some of the best materials for gloves. They provide longevity, and are a popular choice for many fighters. But are Leone boxing gloves ideally suited for you? What do the gloves offer? Can they withstand your personal regime? We explore the Leone boxing gloves in this article to help you understand whether these gloves are the right addition to your gear.

What to expect from the Leone boxing gloves

The unisex Leone boxing gloves are available in up to 3 colors, allowing you to find a customized pick. The gloves are also very well built, and will guarantee durability even with heavy duty use. They are made out of a tough buffalo leather exterior that is guaranteed to sustain tough hits. These gloves are versatile, and are designed to handle both sparring and bagwork. They are also stylish, which means they will look as good as they feel.

The Leone boxing gloves guarantee comfort, thanks to their gel padding. You will not need to break these gloves in, since they guarantee a secure form fitting match from the moment you put them on. They also have a long Velcro strap, which ensures you can keep them on at all times. The heavily padded strap combines with the gel padding to provide a secure and protected fit for your wrists, thumbs and hands. The gloves are available indifferent sizes for fighters across weight classes, and each fit should allow some room for hand wraps.

What makes the Leone boxing gloves stand out

Are the highly rated boxing gloves the right option for your needs? Here are a few key features of the Leone boxing gloves.

Tough leather exterior

These gloves will outlast many alternative options thanks to their tough build. The 100% buffalo leather exterior will sustain very heavy duty use, allowing you to enjoy sparring and heavy bag work consistently without worrying about replacing your gloves. The tough leather exterior comes with added maintenance needs, but these will only serve to prolong the lifespan of your gloves. The tough buffalo leather build of the Leone boxing gloves should comfortably sustain even heavy duty use.

Protection and padding

The Leone boxing gloves offer a very secure fit, thanks to the heavy gel padding all around. These gloves feature a 90% : 10% bend of flex and basic PU padding that provides a very secure fit. These gloves will absorb heavier impact than other options thanks to their heavyset build and shock absorbent gel padding. They are heavily padded around the thumb and wrist area as well, ensuring comprehensive impact protection when boxing. With the Leone boxing gloves, you and your partner will be guaranteed added protection.

Craftsmanship and performance

The Leone boxing gloves are very detailed and well finished. They are an attractive set of gloves, across different color options. The careful craftsmanship combines with the high quality materials for an unbeatable set of gloves. The model is tested for performance, and guarantees an impressive absorption rate and durability range for models within its price point. The spacious interior will accommodate large hands and is spacious enough to allow for hand wraps too! The heavy duty Leone boxing gloves are made to last, and they could be a handy hardy addition to your boxing gear.

Comfort and fitting

The gel padding offers a high rate of impact absorption while molding around your hand to develop an ideal shape. This means that the Leone boxing gloves will remain comfortable throughout their use, since the padding offers a personalized fit. The gloves are lines with a breathable fabric and offer some room even with the secure fit. They will dissipate sweat quickly and maintain a high level of comfort even with extended use. With the right maintenance, these gloves should offer value for a long time to come.


Leone boxing gloves are available for a range of weights and in up to 3 colors, allowing you to find an ideal fit and look. They are very sturdy and can handle a variety of needs, making them ideal for both sparring and bag work. These gloves will comfortably handle heavy duty fighting demands, which makes them the ideal all rounder option.

What we liked

  • Very secure Velcro closure
  • Attractive design and great overall build
  • Effective gel padding offers high impact absorption
  • Comfortable when used for long amounts of time at a go
  • Durable , even with heavy duty use

What we didn’t like

  • The large Velcro closure can be uncomfortable for your sparring partner during tight locks
  • More maintenance needed than with faux leather gloves


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The Buffalo leather exterior, comfortable interior and blended gel padding makes the Leone boxing gloves a great option for different needs. These gloves will handle sparring just as well as they would a heavy bag work session. They are made with a breathable lining , which means they will stay comfortable throughout their use. They are also very securely fitting, thanks to the adaptive foam and lengthy Velcro strap. They are very easy to take off and put on, which should be ideal for people who like to take breaks during their workout. If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable set of gloves, the Leone boxing gloves could be a great option for you!