Cleto Reyes Extra Padding Vs Normal

Will the Mexican style of the standard Cleto Reyes boxing gloves meet your needs, or are you in the market for extra padding? This Cleto Reyes extra padding vs normal comparison review explores two great options by a leading brand to help you understand which pair is best suited for your needs.

Mexican style boxing gloves feature minimalist padding that can often provide a more natural feel of your punches. Many experienced fighters like the Mexican style boxing gloves because they allow for training with in-ring conditions, a key component of speed work. But the lighter padding around the wrist and fist areas causes the gloves to offer limited protection when compared to other alternatives with multiple layers of padding. Cleto Reyes is one of the most popular Mexican style boxing glove brand, with an almost bare knuckled set of normal Cleto Reyes gloves.

The brand also provides a heavily padded alternative that meets the needs of fighters who are looking for more protection for themselves and their partners. The extra padding, a result of multiple layers of specialized padding material, prevents any impact related injury. This makes the extra padded gloves ideal for heavy bag work, but very limited for in ring use. If you are looking for a pair of stylish and decent gloves, Cleto Reyes is a value brand. But should you go for normal or extra padding? We explore these two options in detail below.

What should you expect from the Cleto Reyes extra padding boxing gloves?

The heavy padding of the Cleto Reyes extra padding makes these gloves slightly bulkier than the Mexican style Cleto Reyes regular gloves. This means that they will take a bit more getting used to and could require some breaking in due to the increased padding density. The gloves might be heavier, but they will deliver impact protection that is miles ahead of many other training glove alternatives. This means you can spar or engage in heavy bagwork for hours without risking injury to yourself or others training with you. If you are injury prone, the extra padding in these Cleto Reyes gloves will ensure comprehensive protection for you. The heavy padding also features around the gloves’ wrist support and thumb. This ensures comprehensive protection and support when you use them.

What are the key features of the Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves?

These are some of the main attractions of the Cleto Reyes gloves with extra padding.

Custom fit

The heavy padding might cause the gloves to be a bit tough to break into, but they will fit perfectly after some time – like a glove! They are made with a water repellent wicking lining that keeps them dry and fresh throughout their use,. They also feature a great hook and loop closure system that allows for added security when the gloves are on.

Heavy duty padding

The heavy duty padding in the Cleto Reyes extra padding boxing gloves ensures added protection with use. These gloves will offer impact protection from even the hardest hits. They also offer protection for the thumb and wrists, which prevents any injury to you or your sparring partner.

Cleto Reyes build

The Cleto Reyes extra padding boxing gloves might not be a Mexican style option, but these tough gloves maintain the brand’s impressive quality. The superior stitching and finish, combined with the progressive design that features a thumb lock and all-around latex foam padding for comprehensive protection will make these gloves a value pick.

What should you expect from normal Cleto Reyes boxing gloves?

The Mexican style Cleto Reyes gloves will allow you to feel the crack of every punch you throw. These gloves offer a reduced padding, which almost provides a bareknuckled feel. They are great options for professionals and people looking to improve on technical aspects of their boxing, such as speed work. These gloves are very lightweight, which limits their versatility and capacity for use outside the ring. They will still work well with padding and light training, but could wear out with regular heavy duty activity. Like the Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves, the quality of construction is unparalleled, and the gloves will guarantee a lengthy lifespan. However, they are not quite as durable as the heavy duty Cleto Reyes extra padding option. If you are looking to shape up your gear, this edgy pick could be a great choice.

What will the regular Cleto Reyes boxing gloves offer?

These are some of the key features of the normal Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

Custom fit and hardy build

Even though normal Cleto Reyes lack the heavy duty padding, these gloves are tough to beat in terms of fit. The Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are designed with a thumb lock for eye and thumb protection They also feature a built in water repellent lining that helps to keep them cool and dry, which boosts lengthy continuous use. The hook and loop closure combines with Cleto Reyes’ expert craftsmanship for a great fit as well. You should be able to enjoy one of many Cleto Reyes boxing gloves’ customized aesthetic for the ideal pair for your needs!

Mexican style

The flat face and lighter padding of the normal Cleto Reyes gloves will allow you to feel the punch better, and will reduce the loss of power that may arise from heavier options. With the Cleto Reyes regular gloves, you will be able to boost your performance and improve technical aspects such as in ring speed. They do come at a cost as a result, with the reduced padding also affecting the level of protection on offer.


Cleto Reyes provides a comprehensive selection of options with regular and extra padded gloves. If you are looking for heavy bagwork gloves, experience pain when punching with lighter padded gloves or are a heavy hitter, the Mexican style of the normal Cleto Reyes boxing gloves could be limiting and injurious. The Cleto Reyes extra padding boxing gloves will handle large capacity fighters, affording you comprehensive protection and support even with heavy bagwork and other aspects of heavy duty use.

Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves will be heavier than the regular options, which may increase the rate of hand fatigue for novice users and people who are looking for lighter training. The heavier padding will also provide much more shock absorption, which makes the gloves better suited for heavier regimes. If you are looking for a set of gloves for light training, in-ring use and fight night simulation, the Cleto Reyes normal gloves would be best suited for your needs, but if you are a heavy hitter looking for a great pair of heavy duty options, then the Cleto Reyes extra padding gloves are what you need.