Pro Style Vs Classic Hand Wraps

Hand wraps are a necessary part of your gear. They will offer protection and support for your hands and increase your overall level of comfort. But should you go for traditional or elastic wraps? This pro style vs classic hand wraps comparison review explores these options in detail.

Every type of combat sport will impose very heavy demands on your main weapons, your hands. It is important to protect yourself while enjoying your favorite sport, and hand wraps offer a great way to do so. Tying these strips of tape or cloth could ensure added support and protection, provided they are tied down well. Even if you are a novice fighter, hand wraps can be easy to learn how to tie, as we will explore later on in this review. The additional support for your delicate tendons and small metatarsals, as well as the protection from strains and skin tears could go a long way to reducing your risk of injury.

There are two major types of hand wraps available to help you out when prepping for a bout or training session for the different combat sports. Tape and gauze or pro style hand wraps offer the most protection and support, which is why they are so popular with professionals. Classic hand wraps are fabric wrap alternatives that may be made out of cotton or blends that boost elasticity.

Choosing the right hand wraps will boil down to your personal preferences. How do they feel? How easy are they to put on? What level of protection do they offer? This detailed guide will compare these two options to help you find the value pick for your needs.

What are pro style wraps?

Have you ever wondered what purpose the white wraps worn by professional boxers during bouts were? These are the pro style hand wraps The competition standard wraps are high end options that offer the best protection while imposing minimal weight increments on a boxer’s hands. Pro style hand wraps are efficient, lightweight and secure. If you are considering using these wraps for your next fight, there are rules about the amount of tape you can use, and you need to look into these to determine whether they would offer value for your needs.

Why should you consider pro style hand wraps?

Pro style hand wraps are far lighter than classic hand wraps. This helps fighters maintain their speed and consistency of punches, since they are not bogged down by bulky fabric. You will only need a small amount of tape each time for full value, and there are enough options to help you find one that suits your hand profile. Pro style wraps are secure, effective and designed for maximum output with minimal effect on fighters.

What are classic hand wraps?

Classic hand wraps are lengthy strips made out of cotton or cloth. The classic hand wrap has evolved to feature the Mexican style hand wrap, an elastic option that stretches around your hand for optimum support. Classic hand wraps are considerably bulky due to their increased length, but they are a value buy. They can also be reused, which makes them an idea option for non-professional sparring and training. Classic wraps are available in a variety of sizes, helping you to find an ideal customized match for your needs.

Why should you consider classic hand wraps?

Classic hand wraps are easier to apply than pro style options once you nail down the technique. They will need to be securely strapped to offer full value, but this should not be a problem once you pick up the technique. These wraps are reusable, and only need to be rewashed after use. This means that you are guaranteed value for money, since they will offer some durability. The elastic classic hand wraps offer a hassle free application, and are very secure. Overall classic wraps will not offer the high performance of pro style wraps, but they are versatile, easier to apply and durable,

How to apply hand wraps in minutes

There are many methods you could consider to get your hand wrap right and actually benefit from it. Pick up your wrap, making sure it is the right side up if it has a Velcro closure. Spread the fingers of your less dominant hand while tying the wrap securely but not too tightly around your wrist. Once this anchor is in place, wrap your thumb and wrist for at least 3 alternations each, making sure it is still secure. You should then wrap your knuckles across your pals at least thrice, making sure it is secure before tying it around your anchor once. Your fingers should still be spread. Tie the wrap between your ring and middle fingers, wrap across the palm and bring the fabric over the thumb. You should strap your fingers securely, before wrapping your palm and finishing it with a final loop around the wrist. The final step is securing your wrap to its fastening.

Elastic hand wraps will be easier to secure and could provide a better fit than cloth wraps with minimal effort. Pro style wraps feature application by use of a tape and gauze setup. After cleaning your hands, you should apply the gauze on a specific part of your hand, followed by an application of tape over its edges to hold it in place. If you cannot make a comfortable fist, your hand wrap will need t be reapplied.


Hand wraps are an essential part of your gear because of the added level of support and protection on offer. Your choice of hand wrap should completely depend on how comfortable and convenient an option is for you. Pro style wraps offer a professional level performance in terms of quality of support and size versatility. They will require a tougher technique, and need a steeper learning curve. Reusable cloth and elastic fabric hand wraps are reusable and thus cost effective. These classic wraps are relatively easier to put on and can be very efficient. However, they may be bulkier than pro style hand wraps. Understanding your needs and budget will help you make the value pick for you.