Gel Boxing Gloves Review

Are you looking for a set of gloves that can actually handle heavier punches and rigorous use? The Gel boxing gloves could be a great option. This Gel boxing gloves review finds out more.

Heavy hitters find the search for a great pair of gloves rather difficult. Many gloves are just not padded well enough to provide ideal impact protection. A number of picks offer an uncomfortable fit, especially for heavy hitters with larger hands or those who like to wear wraps. The high quality Gel boxing gloves could be a solution to your problem.

These gloves are heavily padded, ensuring high end power, protection and performance. The model features an exclusive lining and multilayer padding that ensures complete protection for your punches. The leather exterior and high quality build of the Gel boxing gloves will also ensure they can last a long time. But will the Gel boxing gloves meet your needs? We explore the gloves in detail.

What should you expect from Gel boxing gloves

Gel boxing gloves are a high quality pair that will meet the performance expectations of heavy hitters. They are very heavily padded, allowing for higher shock absorption rates. This ensures complete protection for people who like to punch with power and their partners. The gloves are also designed to provide wrist and thumb support, although the design does limit the ability to grasp. These foam padded gloves are very versatile, and could be used for both bagwork and sparring. They are available in black, red and pink options for the custom look.

The Gel boxing gloves only offer a 1-year warranty, but the tough leather exterior and overall high quality construction will ensure very lengthy use. The secure and thorough stitching on the gloves offer structural support, allowing for an even longer lifespan. They are sturdy and well crafted, with the gloves being built to last. The Gel boxing gloves look great too! The eye catching aesthetics offer a fine finish to a great quality set of gloves. Due to the increased padding, these gloves will be heavier than other options and will take some time getting used to. You should be able to enjoy the comfort provided by the patented gel lining and secure fit. Like other leather gloves, you will need to take up a maintenance routine to ensure your gloves last even longer.

What features do Gel boxing gloves offer?

Here are some of the key features of the Gel boxing gloves.

Heavy duty padding

The Gel boxing gloves will handle heavy hitters’ bagwork with ease thanks to the superior padding on offer. These gloves feature multilayered padding which works to absorb very high rates of impact The secure wrap around Velcro closure is also heavily padded and longer than average, allowing for comprehensive protection. With the Gel boxing gloves, you will be guaranteed protection for your hands, wrists and thumbs thanks to the superior padding. The heavy padding might increase the overall weight of the gloves, but you should be able to break them in and get used to the value gloves in no time.

Gel lining

The breathable and unique gel enforced lining is our top favorite feature with the Gel boxing gloves. They are very comfortable as a result of the full grain moisture-wicking and antimicrobial leather with a triple nylon stitch. The gloves will remain comfortable with extended use because the gel lining keeps them cool and dry throughout for the ideal experience. The gel enforced lining will also protect your hands from any sores and boils even with heavy duty use. The patented gel enforced lining of the Gel boxing gloves will ensure they stay on your hands for a long time yet.

Durable build

The Gel boxing gloves offer very heavy padding, which ensures added support and protection. The high quality craftsmanship combines with the great material selection for a tough and hard to beat pair of gloves. The Gel boxing gloves feature a leather exterior and very heavy duty padding, both of which combine to ensure a lengthy lifespan. With the right maintenance and care of the leather during cleaning, you should be able to enjoy these stylish and high performance gloves for years to come.


The Gel boxing gloves are available in 3 colors and in a variety of weight options and sizes, allowing you to find an ideal match. The heavily padded gloves will work well for bagwork and sparring, thanks to the added protection provided by the heavy padding. They can be great for very heavy duty use for either option as well, making them an ideal option for heavy hitters who are looking for a great all round pair of boxing gloves. They will offer protection for both sparring partners and ensure a pain free experience on bagwork even after training for hours. The Gel boxing gloves could cut down your need for multiple glove options in your boxing gear.

What we liked

  • Classic and professional aesthetic
  • Ideal for very heavy hitters
  • Comfortable gel lining
  • Tough leather exterior is very durable

What we didn’t like

  • Heavier weight will take some getting used to
  • Difficult to roll wrists with bagwork due to rounded face


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Whether you are considering boxing or Muay Thai, the Gel boxing gloves will offer comprehensive impact protection for full value. These heavily padded gloves are ideal for the heaviest hitters. They offer protection for both sparring partners, which minimizes the risk of injury with use. The high quality leather exterior increases the durability of the gloves, although it will require some maintenance. The Gel boxing gloves offer value for money, standing out even against models in higher price points. These gloves also feature a patented gel enforced lining that makes them miles more comfortable than some alternatives. They work well for bagwork and sparring, with the versatility allowing you to meet multiple needs. If you are looking for a high quality option designed for heavy duty use on a budget, the Gel boxing gloves could be the right pick.