Boxing Glove Wraps Vs Hand Wraps

Gel insulated boxing glove wraps have quickly become an alternative to hand wraps for boxing training. But do these glove wraps offer better value than hand wraps? This boxing glove raps vs hand wraps review looks into either choice to help improve your protection.

Boxing and mixed martial arts revolve around the use of your hands, and there is a lot of contact that they will exposed to during either competition or training. It is imperative that you protect your hands since it is made up of a delicate structure with fragile and small bones. Wraps will do just that, providing support while absorbing impact for complete protection. But boxing glove wraps and hand wraps offer the same function. So, which should you go for?

This article looks into both options to help you understand wraps and find an ideal pick for your needs. Here is everything you need to know.

What are boxing glove wraps and what do they offer?

Gel insulated neoprene gloves are the modern alternative to fabric wraps. Like boxing gloves, these options are padded for impact protection, allowing you to engage in training with minimal risk of injury to your hands. Glove wraps are convenient and easy to put on, but their support and protection lacks the customized feel of a well set hand wrap. Boxing glove wraps are reusable, but offer much more convenience in terms of maintenance. This is what boxing glove wraps have to offer.


Neoprene boxing glove wraps offer a protective function for your hands when participating or training for combat sports. The wraps curtail the high risk of injury to your hands by absorbing shock from your blows. Boxing glove wraps are usually detailed to provide protection to each finger, but not every model will guarantee this. You may need to look through different designs and options to find one that meets your expectations.


These wraps are definitely the easier option to put on. Since they are compact and already anatomically shaped to match your hands, you will only need to slip them on. Gel wraps will take seconds to slip on and secure, with many options offering a simple hook and loop system on the back of your hand. This makes them very convenient for quick use.

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Gel wraps are great options for people who do not want to spend time securing their wraps before training. They are a slip on option that will provide standard impact protection until they wear out. Boxing glove wraps will absorb impact at certain levels, but it can offer limited support for very heavy hitters. If you throw hard punches, boxing glove wraps could be limited for your needs.

What are hand wraps and what do they offer?

Hand wraps are lengthy rolled pieces of fabric that are spun around your hand to provide impact protection and support. They are lengthy and usually contain a Velcro closure system to keep your wraps on conveniently with use. Hand wraps are only as good as the quality of the wrap, which means that you have to learn how to tie them to enjoy maximum value. With the right technique, hand wraps will secure individual finders, your wrists and knuckles too. Like gel gloves, they can be reused. However, they regularly need to be cleaned to avoid any odor and potential microbial buildup, which means you will need at least two wraps to enjoy consistent protection. Here are a few features that hand wraps offer.


Hand wraps work to provide support and impact protection for your hands, wrists and thumbs. Since they are available as a strip of fabric, you will need to tie the wrap around individual fingers, your palm and wrist for full support. They are compatible with both boxing gloves and boxing glove wraps.


Hand wraps need to be spread around your hand to ensure full value. If you do not wrap your hand well, you will not benefit from the support or impact protection on offer. Tying your wrap is not as daunting as you think, and it will only take a few minutes. You can find different hand wrapping techniques on the internet, such as the universal figure 8 technique that is popular with beginners. You will be able to i.e. your hands quickly and consistently in no time.

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Hand wraps are a tried and tested option for comprehensive protection and support. However, you need to tie them right every time. You also need to have a substitute pair to enable you keep your wraps clean and reduce the risk of germ or odor buildup. If you are prepared to go the extra mile and learn the different methods of tying a hand wrap, you could enjoy better value from this handy option.


If you are looking for a convenient option to put on, boxing glove wraps are the better option. Hand wraps will be much trickier to put on right, but there are many methods and video tutorials that could get you putting on your hand wraps like a pro. Both hand wraps and boxing glove wraps can be reused, providing full value for you. If you are a heavy puncher, we would recommend hand wraps over gel insulated boxing wraps. The choice between these two protective options should depend on the intensity of your application and your individual preference.

Boxing glove and hand wraps may seem easy to maintain and put on, but this can be tougher than you think. It is crucial to find balance and avoid having your wraps on too tightly or loose. If your hand starts turning blue and cold after putting on your wraps, you need to loosen it to avoid cutting your circulation. If the wrap is loose, it will interrupt your training constantly. Unlike socks, wraps will need prior knowledge of a specific up and down side. This will make it easier to lock your wraps and secure your hands. Always make a fist while wrapping at the appropriate times, and support your wrists and thumbs too. The protection they provide will be worth the investment, but should be wrapped right for full value.