Rdx Boxing Gloves Review

Are you looking for a tough set of boxing gloves that have very high impact absorption rates? The RDX boxing gloves could be a great option for your needs. This RDX boxing gloves looks at these gloves in detail.

Made by a well known western MMA gear brand, the RDX boxing gloves are a great pick for beginners across the fighting board. These gloves will handle grappling, sparring and bag work with ease. They are heavily padded, and designed to offer a secure fit for convenient use. The gloves are very competitively priced, and are some of the best value options for people looking for great quality boxing gloves on a budget. The RDX boxing gloves are comfortable, secure and powerful, making them a leading choice for many fighters.

But will the RDX boxing gloves be right for your needs? Are they padded heavily enough to handle your routine? Will they deliver for your workout? We researched the RDX boxing gloves over time and found them to be very hardy picks that could last long with heavy duty use. Here is an in depth assessment of the RDX boxing gloves.

What should you expect from the RDX boxing gloves?

The RDX boxing gloves are a great option for your fighting needs, whether for sparring or training. The gloves are available in a full range dor different weight classes, allowing you to find your pick. While they are very basic in terms of aesthetic, usually featuring a 2-3 color pattern, they are very well built. These gloves will stay comfortable through hours of continued use, which is key for increased ease of use.

The gloves will also last for a very long time. They are made with a Maya leather exterior, which works in tandem with the heavy padding for high levels of impact absorption. The cuff and thump padding also provide protection for other parts of the wrist. The RDX boxing gloves are very well priced, and could be considered a value buy when compared to other models in a similar price point. These gloves are very easy to maintain, and guarantee high levels of performance. If you are looking for a budget friendly buy that meets your expectations in terms of build quality and protection, the RDX boxing gloves could be your top pick.

What are the key features of the RDX boxing gloves?

These are the key features of the RDX boxing gloves.

Handmade build and finish

All parts of these love are assembled by hand, allowing for a customized finish. The high quality finish and construction can be observed in the final product, with these gloves being exceptionally made. The stitching fortifies the build of the gloves, and works to secure them further. The gloves feature a Mayan Hide leather coating, a blend that offers minimal maintenance and increased durability. The quality craftsmanship and high quality build combine for a high end product that will meet the needs of a lot of boxers. The basic build of the straps makes them limited for professional fighters, but they are very great options for a variety of groups as we will explore later on.

Protection and padding

The RDX boxing gloves feature a gel and foam padding blend for increased shock absorption. The multiple layers of gel and foam are designed to reduce the impact completely, allowing for added protection to your thumbs, hands and wrists when punching. Some customers feel that the strap length is too short, which limits the effectiveness of the gloves in offering protection for this area. However, the gloves will comfortably handle high impact with ease. The straps should also facilitate a secure fit on medium sized and smaller hands, as well as larger hands without wraps.


The RDX boxing gloves are a versatile pick. These gloves are heavily padded, making them ideal for the heavy duty demands of bag work and sparring. They are also designed to handle grappling, and could be suited to Muay Thai and other types of fighting. Their versatile use makes them a very great option for people who are looking to engage in more than just boxing. The heavy padding and supporting design should facilitate a variety of contact sports, ensuring full value for owners.

Comfort and breathability

The RDX boxing gloves are designed with ventilation holes across the palms and an inner wick layer to make the gloves breathable. This means that they will remain dry and odor free even with heavy duty use over a long time, which boosts their overall level of comfort. You will still need to wipe them down once in a while, but you will not need to take them off during use. The gloves will also require less stringent maintenance needs. The comfortable lining inside your RDX boxing gloves combines with the natural hand shape design of the RDX boxing gloves to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

What we liked

  • Great quality padding
  • Excellent construction and high end build
  • Value for money buy
  • Tough but supple leather exterior
  • Comfortable and form fitting

What we didn’t like

  • The cuffs are smaller than on other boxing gloves we’ve sampled


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If you are looking for a great quality pair of boxing gloves that will last a long time, the RDX boxing gloves are a great pick. These stylish Maya leather gloves will deliver a consistent performance over the long term, and could solve your boxing glove problem almost permanently. These sturdy gloves are very well built, featuring high quality craftsmanship and a detail-oriented finish. The heavy padding and secure fit combines with other features to make the RDX boxing gloves an unbeatable choice for your gear bag.

The RDX Cosmos are a higher end value buy for people looking to stick with the same brand. The gloves are exactly like the RDX boxing gloves, with the sole addition of a thicker and stronger strap for a more snug fit. Both pairs of gloves will deliver a durable, consistent and high quality output.