Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Are you looking for a versatile pair of boxing gloves that deliver high levels of comfort and protection? This Winning boxing gloves review looks into one such option.

Winning boxing gloves, made by a Japan brand, offer a full range of options. The Professional, Velcro, amateur and bag gloves all feature heavier padding, which is designed to ensure protection during use. The stock options are available in black, white, red and blue, although custom colors can be accessed from the brand’s website. Many people have acknowledged the build and quality of the Winning boxing gloves, including a lengthy list of world class boxers. But will they be right for you?

What to expect from Winning Boxing gloves

If you are looking for a flashy pair of boxing gloves, you may want to consider other alternatives to this old school line. Even the brand’s website is a testament to the past! But like the brand, the gloves have remained unchanged for a very long time. They feature a thorough attention to detail, make use of a classic glove design and are made with high quality materials. The consistency and commitment to tried quality makes them a very great pick. But how will these gloves handle your use?

The heavy padding makes them perfectly suited for heavy bag work. Many brands that claim to offer heavy padding cannot compete with Winning boxing gloves. Their dense padding doesn’t suppress your punch either, unlike other 18 oz or 16 oz options. The wholesome impact protection with minimal power loss makes them ideal for heavy bag work. The heavy padding and snug fit also makes them great for pad work. The Winning boxing gloves are unbeatable for sparring because they allow you to punch quickly without exposing either you or your partner to the impact.

What are the key features of Winning Boxing gloves

Padded protection

Winning boxing gloves offer one of the best padding for a set of gloves, which is consistent for both laced and Velcro options. The very heavy duty padding, which is made from high density impact absorbing foam, supports other aspects of the gloves’ build such as the soft leather exterior and nylon interior for added comfort and protection when in use. These gloves will envelope your wrists and almost feel like a custom made design.

Wrist support

While padding powers down the impact of a punch, a strong wrist support is still crucial to delivering an unimpeded punch while ensuring wholesome protection. Winning boxing gloves feature a stiff foam padding around the wrists which work to isolate your wrists and absorb any impact. Even without tying your winning boxing gloves, they still deliver great wrist support and protection. Similarly to all other boxing gloves, you need to find an appropriate size of gloves for you to maximize the value of the wrist support.


Winning boxing gloves are heavily padded, which makes them some of the most comfortable options on the market. The unique thumb area design makes it very easy to pull a fist straight out of the box, which many brands cannot match. The gloves feature a soft inner nylon lining that reduces any risk of abrasion during use, while the soft outer leather will reduce impact further to other people. These snugly fitting gloves will always feel secure around your hands. The only issue of note is that they might be too snugly fitting for people with very large hands or extra thick boxing wraps.

Build and aesthetics

The top notch craftsmanship and heavy padding make for a high quality build. Everything about the gloves’ craftsmanship is thoroughly detailed, down to the even stitching. These gloves are top tier in terms of quality, and will deliver durable use with the right maintenance. There are laced and Velcro options available, helping meet different demands for every fighter. The simple and old school monotonous appearance is a break from the flashy and aggressively patterned options available.


  • One of the most superior padding of any boxing gloves we’ve tried out
  • Very comfortable when used for long
  • Offer added protection to puncher and punched during sparring
  • Durable gloves will last a long time if well maintained
  • Do not need to be broken in thanks to their snug fit


  • Can be higher end in terms of pricing than other alternatives
  • Heavily padded gloves are soft and pillow-like, making them limited for hard punchers
  • Somewhat plain design


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What size Winning boxing glove is right for me?

The heavier padding of Winning boxing gloves allows you to work with lighter gloves while still being protected. If you weigh under 170 lbs, 10 oz gloves will be great for your needs. Heavier punchers (171-190 lbs) should consider 12 oz gloves, while heavyweight punchers could go for 14 oz. Many facilities will require 16 oz gloves for sparring regardless of brand, but the 14 oz options could be ideal in a flexible gym.

Should I go for Lace or Velcro gloves?

Lace and Velcro glove options depend on your profile and use of the gloves. If you regularly take them off during sparring or between rounds, winning Velcro boxing gloves would be the right choice. If you are looking for a much more snug fit around the wrists, the laced Winning boxing gloves could be ideal for you.

Are they ideal for MMA and Muay Thai training?

These gloves are one of the hands down best option for pure boxing due to the superior level of comfort and added protection offered. Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts gloves feature flexibility in their grip and padding around the wrist area, as opposed to heavier grip padding on offer with the Winning Boxing gloves.


Like the brand’s name suggests, the Winning boxing gloves are hard to beat. These heavily padded boxing gloves offer high quality comfort and protection. They are ideal for a variety of tasks, including both fighting and sparring. They are well built and durable, although they have a basic aesthetic. The gloves will not need to be broken in either, and will mold over your hands immediately you wear them. These gloves might be limited for hard punchers and are a bit highly priced, but they deliver a quality that is almost unrivaled. They will protect your hands and partner from injury, and ensure extensive use over a long time.