Everlast Pivt Boxing Shoes Review

If you are looking for a comfortable, low profile and high performance boxing shoe, the Everlast PIVT might be just what you need. This Everlast PIVT boxing shoes review explores a handy pair of boxing shoes.

Are you looking for a great pair of boxing shoes? There are so many options available, many of which often tend to be busts. The versatile and low profile Everlast PIVT boxing shoes are a hardy pair of boxing shoes that can be used both in the ring and for other gym activities. This well designed option offers a very hardy sole that plays into its versatility, with a tough build and specialized tread for maximum performance. Whether you are sparring, jumping rope, working on a speed bag or taking part in a bout, these shoes should comfortably handle your needs.

Everlast offers a great value pick with the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes The shoe is hardy, versatile and built to last. It is also fairly priced, and can provide a valuable solution to multiple needs simultaneously. But will these functional and comfortable shoes meet your needs? We explore the shoes in detail.

What should you expect from the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes?

The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes are a value buy that could provide a medium to long term option for your gear. These budget friendly shoes offer durability and comfort that rivals models in higher price points. The shoes will be a great investment for in ring use thanks to their comfortable fit, traction and support. They are a solid option that will deliver a great performance over time for multiple purposes.

These boxing shoes are slightly heavier than its closest alternatives, but this is all due to the thick rubber sole. The increased durability does come with a small cost, but this is canceled out by the low top design and enhanced build for added comfort. You should be able to use these shoes for lengthy sessions at a time without a problem. The heavy rubber sole is flexible and features a special tread design that facilitates your ability to move side to side. With the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes, you might be able to enjoy versatile use for a long time yet.

What do the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes offer?

Here are some of the key features of the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes.

Rubber outsole

The Michelin technical rubber sole is the biggest attraction of the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes. This hardy but flexible sole is designed for optimal performance and durability. The thick rubber sole allows for versatile in-ring and gym use. It allows you to engage in other rigorous training activities that could damage your in-ring shoes, which solves the need to have two pairs. The flexible sole outperforms other stiff and inhibiting alternatives. The sole does increase the overall weight of the shoe, and this may cause you to experience leg fatigue faster than you would on shoes with a lighter sole. This flexible rubber sole will be key to your shoes lasting a very long time even with heavy duty use.

Memory foam insole

Boxing shoe, especially those for in-ring use, do not usually have an insole. This allows better footwork because the fighter can feel the floor under their feet. However, the shoes have to compensate for the instep with an interior design that provides maximum comfort for your foot. The end result is usually a generic and barely comfortable fit. The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes feature a high end memory foam insole that ensures a secure fit while providing some feel of the ground beneath you. The insole is built into the shoe, and will not be slide out when the boots are not in use. The arch support it provides will combine with the boosted hock absorption for increased comfort, even with lengthy training sessions.

Comfortable fit

Boxing shoes are tough to buy. Those that do not feature an insole can become loose about their sides and may provide low arch support. They could even slide around. Boxing shoes with insoles can be uncomfortable and narrow, and may provide less grip on the surface. The Everlast PIVT boxing shoes provide a nice balance that ensures a secure and comfortable fit. The boots offer a great breathable low top design, enabling them to stay comfortable for lengthy periods of time. They also feature mesh panels for added breathability and reduced risk of blisters and infections. The memory foam insole and ankle support padding on the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes will ensure all round comfort with use.

What we liked

  • Great for a variety of boxing regimes
  • Low profile and built for improved lateral movement
  • Tough and sturdy for added durability
  • Offers superior support and great traction
  • Value for money buy
  • Open weave mesh upper build ensures lighter weight and increased comfort

What we didn’t like

  • Not the most breathable build
  • Heavier build cause leg fatigue quicker than lightweight boxing shoes


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The attractive and durable Everlast PIVT boxing shoes offer added comfort and a specialized design built to handle the demands of rigorous in-ring use. They are also one of only a few class of in-ring shoes that can withstand training and other aspects of gym use. The Michelin Technical rubber sole offers high quality traction, flexibility and support. The Everlast PIVT boxing shoe sole also features an innovative tread design that enhances side to side movement while reducing the risk of a slip. The well designed Everlast PIVT boxing shoes also feature an open weave mesh that keeps them comfortable, breathable and lightweight, which makes them ideal for lengthy use at a go. There are a few more breathable options on the market, but the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes offer an unbeatable versatile option. If you are looking for a great option that can handle your gym and in-ring needs conveniently and comfortably, the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes could be the right fit for you.