Are boxing shoes comfortable?

Boxing shoes are very commonly ignored by fighters, despite their value as part of your boxing gear. Without boxing shoes, your mobility in the ring and technique could be thoroughly underwhelmed. Boxing shoes feature special perks such as a unique tread design for improved traction, and an overall breathable and lighter frame than most. The right boxing shoe will be an ideal fit for multiple boxing needs, and could prove to be a masterstroke investment. But why are boxing shoes so highly regarded? What makes them stand out? Are boxing shoes comfortable? What value do these shoes offer for boxing? Here’s everything you need to know about boxing shoes, and why you need to replace your sport shoes for boxing training with the real thing today!

Why do boxing shoes stand out?

Boxing boots are not your average athletic shoes. They are sleek and designed specifically for the demands of the sport, which often requires quick movement, high levels of support and sufficient traction of the floor beneath your feet. These shoes could help boost your mobility, and will be a great addition to your gear. But what makes boxing shoes so special?

  • Traction-Improved traction and specialized treads offer a better grip of the ring when using boxing shoes.
  • Breathability-Lightweight mesh build is generally very well ventilated, allowing you to stay cool and dry while reducing the risk of slipping.
  • Support-Slightly limited range of motion thanks to supportive straps and closure to reduce the risk of ankle injury.


What should you consider when fitting boxing shoes?

Quality seems to go hand in hand with pricing when it comes to boxing shoes, but you can still find value picks even if you have a slightly smaller budget. These shoes are specially designed for boxing, and the pricing will tend to reflect that. However, they are a very solid investment that will offer great value in the right and during training. If you are looking to improve your game, then they really are a must have part of your gear. But what else should you consider apart from pricing to find the best boxing shoes for your needs? We explore a few key factors.


If your boxing shoe doesn’t fit comfortably, you may be better off wearing something else. Your boxing shoes should offer traction and support, which may be optimally provided by snugly fitting pairs. If your shoe doesn’t fit like a slightly loose sock, then it is not right for you.


As boxing shoes follow the regular sizing, you should not expect too much in variation from this aspect. However, boxing shoes feature a narrower profile than most, and could be very snugly fitting. Most brands will deliver to standard sizing expectations, but one or two brands will require a sizing trick to help out. If you are interested in a boxing shoe from a brand that makes them very narrow, you could order the next size up.


Boxing shoes are some of the lightest for any sporting use. Still, some boxers will find very light options as limited in providing ideal levels of support. You need to assess your comfort levels with different types of shoes when boxing to understand just what weight will be ideal for you.

Can you use other types of shoes for boxing?

Your trainers, sport shoes and kicks will not work as well for boxing as dedicated boxing boots will. The shoes are specially developed for the demands of the sport, which all these alternatives fail to offer. Boxing shoes are generally less flexible than most other sport shoes, but will be lighter and more breathable. They usually offer better traction for turning on a dime and pivoting with increased levels of ankle support than some options. Here is a breakdown of how other sport shoes commonly used for boxing compare.

Boxing vs Basketball shoes

Basketball shoes offer stronger grip and traction than boxing shoes. When on the court, players often have to make more aggressive movements without hurting their ankles and feet. They can limit turning, which works to prevent players from being dribbled past with feints. When it comes to boxing, pivoting and rapid movement will offer an edge over your opponent. With basketball shoes, you may experience the following that will hinder your boxing.

  • Insufficient support
  • Excessive traction limits turning capacity
  • Heavier weight and larger sole.

Boxing vs Wrestling shoes

Boxing and wrestling feature aggressive contact, which must mean that the shoes could work well for either sport, right? Wrong! Boxing and wrestling shoes have subtle differences that make them better suited to their sport than the other. The main difference is the increased flexibility of wrestling shoes that allows foe movement in all directions as opposed to the back-to-front approach of boxing. The shoes are slightly heavier as well, and offer limited ankle support compared to high and medium top boxing shoes. Why should you steer clear of wrestling shoes for boxing?

  • Insufficient ankle protection
  • Heavier weight

Boxing vs Running shoes

Boxing in running shoes and vice versa is not recommended because of the different profiles of the shoes. While you can train in your trainers, running shoes will be heavier, and will feature a slightly angled sole. It can be tough to learn your footwork or sharpen your pivoting with running shoes. Here are a few key differences that make running shoes unsuitable for boxing.

  • Elevated running sole can limit pivoting
  • Limited ankle support
  • Heavier weight

Final word

Are boxing shoes comfortable? They are the best options available for use in the ring, and they are certainly more comfortable than most alternatives. Boxing shoes might be narrower than running and basketball shoes, but they offer a comfortable fit and may even accommodate wider and longer feet than other types of sporting shoes. Boxing shoes are also very breathable and lightweight, reducing the risk of any sweat buildup during use. Boxing shoes usually provide padded support around key areas of your foot while ensuring an unmatched grip of the floor beneath your feet. These options are easily the most comfortable and practical for certain types of use, such as pivoting. Boxing shoes are some of the most comfortable sporting shoe choices available, and this could be key to helping them reshape your game.