Everlast Boxing Gloves Review

Everlast boxing gloves are well built and offer a great option for a variety of needs. Will the brand meet your expectations? This Everlast boxing gloves review explores the Everlast ProTex2 EverGel Training gloves to help you know more about a potentially ideal option for you.

Despite the number of options available in different price points, Everlast boxing gloves will not differ greatly on the quality of construction and padding. The brand makes a nice pair of gloves for every budget, and you could find an ideal selection from the wide catalog on offer. Whether you are looking for training gloves, competition gloves, heavy bag mitts or sparring gear, the brand will have an option that is just right for your needs.

This review explores the Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves, one of the brand’s leading versatile option. The high quality Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves are built to handle a variety of needs, even though they are not as tough as some of the most hardy options on the market. The superior quality and build of the Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves makes them a standout option that should feature in your considerations if you are looking for a hardy pair of boxing gloves.

How is the Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves ? How does it compare to other models available and what does it have to offer? This review explores one of the brand’s high quality set of gloves.

What to expect from Everlast boxing gloves?

Everlast has been a mainstay in the boxing gear market, with a comprehensive range of options foremost price points . Their capacity, ranging from supermarket quality gloves to title fight night gloves, allows everyone to find a pair that suits their exact needs. The brand has picked up the moniker ’Neverlast’ over the low quality of some of the starter options, but this should not deter you from great pick with the Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves. The high quality boxing gloves are not entry level options, and will set you back a fair chunk of your budget. But you get what you pay for with these gloves, thanks to their high quality build and innovative range of features.

The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves will keep your hands cool and comfortable throughout lengthy rigorous sessions, thanks to their lining and build. They are also made from high quality materials and craftsmanship, makes them ideal for people who are looking for a durable and hardy option. The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves will last for a long time, and provide comprehensive protection for your wrists, thumbs, and knuckles, as well as your sparring partners’ eyes. The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves are securely fitting, comfortable, and offer a level of protection that allows you to take up bagwork and sparring with minimal worry of injury.

What do the Everlast boxing gloves offer?

Here are a few key features of the Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves.

EverDri and EverCool for added comfort

The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves feature EverDri ad EverCool technology that ensures a permanently cool and dry environment in your gloves, even with extensive use. The gloves feature a specialized EverDri mesh that allows for the dissipation of sweat buildup. EverCool technology facilitates wicking of your gloves’ lining, keeping your hands dry throughout your use of the gloves. The added comfort helps you train or spar better for longer, and could help provide the edge you’ve been looking for.

Design and build

The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves feature a synthetic leather exterior that is very durable and easy to maintain. The cool and dry interior is comfortable and consistently breathable, allowing for uninterrupted extended use. The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves are designed in the shape of an anatomical grip, which provides a more natural fist shape. These gloves are very attractive and stylish as well, and their addition could be a fresh breath to your plain gear options. The use of EverGel padding allows for a personalized fit for even more comfort.

Support and protection

The thumb lock, mentioned above, combines with the padding around the thumb to ensure added protection. The gloves also feature heavy padding that provides support for your wrists and hands. These gloves will ensure full protection for you and your sparring partner, reducing the risk of injuries and possible future harm. The padding does not compare well to other heavy duty training gloves, and it may be limited for consistent rigorous application. However, with the right use, these gloves will deliver comprehensive support and protection for an unbeatable experience.

What we liked

  • Stylish and attractive aesthetic
  • Sturdy construction and great materials for added durability
  • EverCool and EverDri technology ensure the gloves are comfortable even with lengthy use
  • Great padding for superior protection
  • Thumb-lock ensures added protection for your thumb
  • Curved anatomical grip and dual closure for a natural and secure fit

What we didn’t like

  • Not the best for consistent heavy use


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Everlast make a great pair of gloves. There are different options for every need. The Everlast Men’s and Women’s Pro Style training gloves, Everlast Prime boxing gloves, Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Sparring Gloves, Everlast Pro Style Muay Thai gloves Everlast MX and Everlast Protex 2 Training gloves are a number of the higher quality options available by the brand. The Everlast ProTex2 EverGel boxing Training gloves, which are covered by this review , are one of the brand’s higher end options. They are a very high quality option that offers great padding and an sturdy build. These innovative gloves offer a variety of features that boost its productivity and lifespan. The state of the art protection offered by the EverGel technology should allow for one of the best shock absorption rate for boxing gloves within its price point. These gloves will handle a punch, even at full power, allowing you peace of mind and added protection when training or sparring. These gloves are also very stylish!