How to roll boxing wraps

Are you interested in boxing training? If you are, you may have found yourself wondering why boxers spend a lot of time wrapping a colorful strap of cloth around their hands before using their gloves. Hand wraps are the most popular under glove equipment, and are designed to offer additional impact absorption and protection. When training or sparring, your hand wraps will be exposed to sweat and grime, and may become smelly or even a potential health hazard. So, how do you maintain them? What is the best approach to cleaning your wraps? Will rolling help to protect them from damage? Do you know how to roll boxing wraps? We explore everything you need to know about maintaining this handy piece of gear.


What do boxing wraps offer?

Are boxing hand wraps necessary when you already have gloves? Many people will overlook the need for hand wraps because gloves offer great levels of padded protection. But the value of boxing wraps will surprise you. What do they offer?

  • Enhanced wrist support- We recommend that you bind your wraps carefully to ensure full wrist support.
  • Secure fist shape- Reduces the risk of injury by securing your hands in a natural fist shape, if properly taken care of.
  • Fills glove completely to avoid slipping – Your hand could leave spaces in your gloves, which may pose a big threat to
  • Impact protection and support- while not as prevalent as your gloves, boxing wraps will offer great protection and could minimize the risk of injury significantly

How to maintain your boxing wraps

Like any other piece of your gear, maintaining your hand wraps will be key to enhancing their longevity and ensuring great value for your boxing needs. Here are a few tips to help you keep your wraps smelling fresh and looking great throughout their lifespan.

  • Having multiple hand wraps will help you plan ahead for workouts. You do not have to keep washing your hand wraps to have them ready in time for your next training. As a rule of thumb, you should have at least as many hand wraps as training sessions in a week in which they will feature. This way, you can keep your wraps clean without wearing them out quickly.
  • Just because you have other wraps doesn’t mean you should store dirty gear until you can wash it. If you do, your wraps will
  • Hand wraps, especially colored fabric wraps, will run with the first few washes. You should avoid putting them in the washing machine with bright colors. When you do, remember to wash them in a bag to avoid having to detangle them afterwards.
  • Never use the drier to rush the process. You could shrink the fabric and reduce the effectiveness of your wraps in providing great support inside your gloves.
  • Keeping your gloves rolled will be a great way to protect them from any dirt and grime build up. If you do not have the time to do it, or find that your rolls keep coming loose, you may invest in a wrap roller for an effective process.
  • Always wash your hands before wrapping them to reduce the risk of getting your wraps all dirty. A thorough scrub before training should help wash off any potential problems.
  • You need to air out your wraps after training and before you wash them. Leaving your wraps in the gym bag could cause odor problems that may require new hand wraps.


The top boxing hand wrap tips for pros

Are you interested in boxing training? If you are going to use boxing gloves, we recommend wearing hand wraps underneath. These handy pieces of boxing gear enhance the value of protection offered by your gloves. They will protect the tendons and small network of bones in your hands, allowing for a pain-free and enjoyable boxing experience. Here are a few general hand wrap tips that you should always keep in mind when using, cleaning and storing your gloves.

  • Hand wraps will secure your hands, but they should not be a replacement for your gloves. If you are going to throw a punch, make sure you have gloves on too.
  • Your hand wrapping technique is more important than the brand in ensuring quality protection. You could have the highest end hand wraps on your hands, but they will not offer any value if they are not securely tied around your hands.
  • Having multiple wraps helps you to keep them clean and fresh, as well as ensuring their durability. Remember to wash every one immediately after use to ensure full value.
  • You should never wash your hand wraps in a rush, or attempt to use a dryer. They are very sensitive, requiring detailed care, and will shrink. They will not be as functional as they can be if they are smaller. You should also keep in mind that colored wraps may be runny, and could affect your bright clothes.
  • If you are not careful when cleaning your wraps, you may have to battle your laundry to undo the knots. We recommend a mesh bag that helps make it easier to clean.
  • A wrap roller will help making it easier to bind your wraps, and it can be a handy investment for boxing.

Final word

DO you know how to roll boxing wraps? Have you been following the right maintenance steps you’re your wraps? Are you wrapping them around your hands with the right technique? Without the proper form and effort towards care, your hand wraps may offer little value in terms of boosting protection against impact. If you do not maintain your wraps carefully, they could stretch out or fray, which will affect their durability as well. As long as you clean your wraps regularly after use and make sure to store them well, they should offer great long term value. If you plan to engage in boxing training for more than once a week, we recommend having at least two pairs of hand wraps for easier management. Remember, hand wraps could combine with your boxing gloves for the ultimate protection of your hands, which makes them a must have piece of gear for fighters.