How to hang boxing bag

Boxing bags could help you keep your body and mind in top shape. These dynamic pieces of boxing equipment offer value for different training efforts, allowing for comprehensive growth as a fighter. The bags offer more than just an easy target to strike, which in itself could be a great way to relieve stress. Boxing bags will help you stay fit comfortably, since they can be installed in your home. If you have enough space, you could even install the heavier bags that might usually only be found in gyms. Are you interested in getting one for your home? Then you will need to learn how to hang boxing bag! We explore everything you need to know for DIY installation of your next boxing training equipment.

Where can you hang your boxing bag?

Do you have the space to hang a boxing bag? If you are looking to buy a punching bag for your boxing workout, you need to assess your options and determine whether or not you can set up your desired choice at home. Punching bags can be heavy, and may cause expensive structural damage if not handled well. It is crucial that you get it right the first time. So, where can you hang your punching bag?

Ceiling mount – Setting up your boxing bag to the ceiling can be challenging due to the vulnerable nature of the surface, but ceiling mounts offer a great way to address this. You should proceed carefully when hanging boxing bag from some ceilings.

Wall mount- For cement walls, wall mounts offer a great way to prevent structural damage. You need to screw in your brackets near the ceiling, with a long arm protruding from the mount used to hoist the bag.

Outdoors – If you have the space outdoors, you can set up a boxing bag conveniently. You could consider hanging your weather resistant bag on a maintained tree with rope.

How to hang boxing bag in the basement

Equipment needed: Tape measure, drill, stud finder, heavy bag springs

A basement could offer great space for people looking for an uninterrupted workout. If your basement is largely empty, you could turn it into your home gym by setting up a boxing bag. You will work with the overhead joists in your basement because they offer the strongest support network for this task. If your basement is already finished, you may have to strip some sheet rock.

You need to measure the distance between two preferred joists after assessing them for any signs of damage and decay. You will then find a mount that can connect the two joists, usually available as C-and V-shaped options. Slide the mount in such a way that the vertical faces of the joists are in contact with both bolt holes. Your mount should be well balanced to ensure fair distribution of force. You will then need to drill through the bolt holes, and secure them as tightly as possible with drill bits. The last step involves hanging your bag from the hook.

Is your apartment boxing bag friendly?

If you are looking for a punching bag for your apartment home, the positioning might be a problem especially if you rent the place. Your landlord is unlikely to sanction a heavy bag hanging from your balcony ceiling, and it might not even offer enough support for the task anyway.

Apartment buildings tend to offer little room for hanging your boxing bag. You may consider a corner of your living room, but that might be too restricted for dynamic movement during your workout. Hanging your bag over the dining area is also out of the question. So, how do you hang a punching bag in your apartment?

With the right adjustments and innovation, you can set up your bag in a limited space such as that offered by your apartment. The best innovation to accommodate boxing bag in a small apartment is a pull up bar, which is available online. This versatile equipment is designed to handle weights as large as heavy bags without a problem. With the right heavy duty straps and carabiner clips, you should be able to set up a boxing bag in your bedroom without a problem. We recommend smaller bags for smaller spaces, and a 30-50 lbs. bag should be ideal for your apartment boxing bag workout.

Is your boxing bag hanging right?

At the right height, your heavy bag will respond similarly to an opponent, which could improve its value in helping you learn the right technique. You won’t just be hitting the bag, and as such, it is important to get the right height when hanging. So, how do you go about this? Here are a few tips to help you set up different types of boxing bags at the right height.

Your heavy bag should react to punches like an opponent might. This means that head level hits should rock the bag backwards, while body shots should offer some resistance. The bag should not be too rigid or too easy to rock at the right height. Some bags will feature their logo at eye level, allowing you to find the sweet spot without too much fuss.

Some ceilings and beams will not support heavy bags, which could easily weigh up to 100 pounds. If you do not feel your hanging options are up to task, you may consider a freestanding bag. You should find a freestanding bag that allows for different types of hits, with options supporting height adjustment also working well for families.

Final word

If you are looking for ways on how to hang boxing bag, then these tips should help you out across a number of surfaces. It is important to keep in mind that heavy boxing bags can cause structural damage on your home. If you have any doubts over your ability to set up your bag, you may be better off leaving it to the professionals. There are also a number of freestanding alternatives that require no hanging which may offer value for your training. If you are up to the task, make sure that you have all the right equipment and safety gear for the task. You should be able to set up your heavy bag in no time with these handy tips.