How to choose the best boxing shoes

Would you ride your bicycle on the freeway? You might get where you want to, but the risks are just too great. Your trip will be more problematic and rigorous, and may take a long time. Wearing regular shoes for boxing can be just as risky as riding your bike on the freeway. Boxing shoes provide quality comfort, support and traction that reduces the risk of injury and boosts your performance in the ring. If you are taking up boxing, you need to have boxing shoes for the full experience. But there are so many options available, each with a range of features that could improve your training and fighting level. So, do you know how to choose the best boxing shoes? What should you look for in an ideal pair? We break down boxing shoes in detail.

How to choose the best boxing shoes

Did you know that your feet are just as crucial for boxing as your hands? Boxing is intensive, and involves the application of more than just your upper body. If you want to fight at a higher level, you always have to put in a bit more work on your feet and movement. Having the right boxing shoes for training and in ring use will be crucial to helping improve your mobility.

But finding the right options can be challenging. There are so many options available that might not quite be suited for your needs. We explore some of the key factors to consider when looking for an ideal pair of boxing shoes.

High, mid and low top options

What type of boxer are you? If you are agile, nimble and lighter on your feet, you will be better able to maximize on your strengths by wearing lighter shoes with superb traction. If you are a heavy hitter who packs great power and are not overly concerned about very swift movements, heavier shoes with superior grip and high levels of support will be better suited for you. You will need to choose between high, mid and low top options to find an ideal option. For lighter and nimble fighters who are looking for the lightest options, low and mid top options could be ideal. High top options are somewhat heavier, but offer great levels of support for your ankles, feet and lower curves.


The design will affect the level of support, but the build of your boxing shoes could be central to determining their value for your needs. When looking for an ideal pair of boxing shoes, you should look into multiple aspects of its build. What material is used to make the body and soles? Does the shoe offer arch support? Looking into different aspects of your shoes’ build will help you determine a high quality option that will be durable and ensure great performance in the ring. Remember to consider specific aspects of build such as the sole quality and grip, as well as the quality of its tongue and straps. A great quality build should ensure a long lasting boxing boot to match your training and in ring needs.

Breathability and comfort

As you will be applying yourself in a very intensive manner, it is important to get highly comfortable shoes. Boxing will require fighters to be in tip top shape, which could lead to sweatier workouts and bouts. If your shoes are clammy, you could lose your footing more easily. You will also be excessively uncomfortable, and may be unable to enjoy consistent training. The right boxing boots for your needs will be breathable and very comfortable, and may feature a mesh upper to improve the quality of ventilation. Having light boxing shoes might help minimize the risk of overheating during use.

What are the benefits of wearing boxing shoes?

How exactly will boxing shoes benefit you? These lightweight, comfortable and hardy shoes are designed especially for boxing. Here are a few key reasons why you should go for boxing shoes instead of regular picks for your training and fighting sessions.

  1. Ankle support – Boxing shoes are designed to reduce the risk of injury to your ankles, similarly to other options used for aggressive application. While low cut options have limited support, high top boxing shoes will offer the best ankle support available.
  2. Lightweight- Heavier shoes will limit your mobility and increase the prevalence of foot fatigue, which can reduce your training’s effectiveness. Boxing boots are specially designed to be lightweight for better movement and pivoting.
  3. Improved balance- Boxing shoes are miles ahead of other options in providing balance since they are designed for ultimate grip and traction. If you are looking to stay on your feet even when dodging punches quickly, boxing shoes are your best bet.
  4. Comfort and ventilation – The highly intensive nature of boxing will cause sweat and heat buildup in your shoes. If you do not have appropriate choices, your feet could get uncomfortable and clammy. Boxing shoes are designed to be breathable and very comfortable, allowing for consistent use even with very heavy duty application.

Final word

This article helps break down how to choose the best boxing shoes by providing the key factors to consider. Your budget will play a big role in your decision, but there are a lot of quality options available for each price point. You will be better able to find an ideal pick for your needs by looking into the design, build and fit of a specific option to determine whether or not it is ideal for your needs. Boxing shoes will provide better support and traction than any other options available for the sport, and could be the next step to improving your game. When buying boxing shoes, you should always look for an appropriate size. It can be challenging to find an ideal fit online, since you will not be able to try on your shoes for size before purchase. We recommend buying the same size boxing shoes as your training shoes for a great fit.