How much is a punching bag

The importance of the right gear for boxing cannot be overstated, and punching bags are a crucial part of boxing gear. Whether you are interested in recreational use or are taking it up for professional purposes, the punching bag will potentially have immense benefit. With consistent practice and by following a few punching bag basics, which we will explore in this article, you should be able to enjoy great value from your equipment. But just how much is a punching bag worth? Will it work well in your home? How hard do you have to train with the punching bag to start to see the effects and value? We explore everything you need to know about punching bags.

How to find the best punching bag

If you are looking for a punching bag for your home or workout space, you may have been overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options on offer. There are so many options by different brands falling under five general categories, so it can be a bit challenging to find an ideal option. How do you know which punching bag is best suited for you? Here is our ultimate criteria for finding the best punching bag on the market.


Type of punching bag

There are a few variations on the market that may be better suited to some needs than others. If you are looking for an ideal punching bag, you need to find one that suits your training expectations. If you are looking to improve your head movement and practice certain techniques, the unusually shaped maize bag could be a great choice. The double ended bag, which looks like a ball hanging from the ceiling to the floor, will require a permanent space, but it can be ideal for counterstrikes. These bags can also help boost speed, much like speed bags. You could even consider a freestanding option, or a heavy bag. The latter will require a bit more room and will not be as portable as a freestanding bag, but it can help you build up strength better.

Size, weight and build

The size of your bag will dictate the type of training to take up. Bigger bags hit back harder and will be better for power, but small bags move quickly and are better suited for faster reactions. The smaller target could also help you improve your accuracy. The weight of your bag will also affect your training in a similar way, as well as being able to influence your choice of set up. The material and build of your punching bag will dictate its durability, albeit with proper maintenance. Hardy leather and damage resistant options such as vinyl could come in handy for a durable bag.

Punching bag filler

If you have sufficient space for a refillable punching bag, you should consider the type of filler material that is compatible with your option. Prefilled bags featuring compressed air are rigid in terms of weight adjustment, but they will offer an easier set up time than bags that are filled with water, sand, foam and cloth. The best punching bag for you should be convenient and easy to fill, while also sticking to your weight preferences.

The benefits of punching bag workouts

Are you considering a punching bag for your boxing training? Here are a few perks of the bag that could help you improve your boxing and overall wellbeing.

  • Punching bags are a value for money training tool. Coupled with wraps and gloves, you could get different types of boxing training done from the comfort of your home for years to come.
  • They help relieve stress by providing somewhere to channel aggression. They are great for the whole family in this regard.
  • Toned muscles and a leaner composition as a result of this type of workout will help improve your body shape
  • Punching bag action will help you improve your self-defense skills.
  • Punching bags help new fighters learn punching technique and form
  • Punching bags improve power, core strength, stability and stamina
  • They work well for aerobic fitness too!

Punching bag fundamentals to improve your boxing

If you are looking to take up punching bag training, you could stand to benefit from better physical and mental health. You will not be able to do so by just striking the bag. It is important to pay attention to the key fundamentals listed below in order to enjoy and gain value from your workout.

  • You should always keep your eye on the opponent when boxing. The same is true for punching bags, but that can be challenging because bags are very limited in their mobility. You should keep your eyes on the bag when punching, but avoid staring.
  • No matter the speed of your punches, make sure that you are always in good balance. You will be better able to boost your footwork by grounding your feet and pivoting when necessary.
  • You should learn the proper technique to avoid pushing instead. Your punches should snap on the bag and not deliver a dull thud instead. Remember, punching without proper form is akin to pushing the bag around for hours.
  • In the ring, your opponent will start punching when you stop. To counter this, you should be able to punch consistently. You need to keep punching when facing the bag, and avoid the 10-second breathers as much as possible.
  • Throwing combinations will help you master them and build up your speed.

Final word

Is a punching bag workout suited for your needs? If you keep your form and follow the guidelines listed, you should be able to enjoy the use of your ideal punching bag. So, how much is a punching bag worth? Well that depends on the type of punching bag, which will be affected by your needs. Some high quality bags will be pricier than others, but if you follow our criteria, you should be able to find a value option that suits your budget and meets your expectations. Remember to involve your family in your punching bag workout because this type of exercise can relieve frustration, help improve their fitness levels and boost their confidence as well.