Are boxing gloves machine washable?

Are boxing gloves machine washable? Maintaining your gloves can seem like a piece of work, especially when you use them regularly and rigorously. If you take up training more than twice a week with the same gloves, there’s a high chance that you’ve had to clean them more often than you felt you needed to. Many people will toss their gloves into the washing machine followed by a drier to get through the workload quickly. We do not recommend this at all, unless a pair of gloves is designed to accommodate it. Caring for your gloves will help boost their lifespan and value to your needs. But just how should you go about this? We explore everything you need to know about boxing glove maintenance, as well as look into a few reasons on why you need to use the right gloves for your training.


What to consider when maintaining your gloves

Maintaining your gloves will involve cleaning, drying, deodorizing and storing them with use. Some gloves will need more maintenance than others, and may be too demanding for some people. So how do you go about setting up a maintenance schedule for your pair? It all revolves around the specific gloves, your supplies and the frequency of your use. Here are some questions to consider when looking into your gloves’ maintenance to develop a schedule that will work well for you.

How often do you use your gloves?

If you take up regular sessions, your gloves will be more likely to build up sweat, grime and odor faster. People who use their gloves very lightly will still need to maintain them, but this can be much easier. If you plan to push your gloves to maximum output, you should be ready for the intensive maintenance required.

What material are they made of?

Leather boxing gloves will not feature the same maintenance needs as synthetic alternatives. They will often require more maintenance, and could need specialized cleaning solutions. On the other hand, synthetic options are relatively easier to maintain, and could even be machine wash friendly depending on the manufacturer.

What cleaning recommendations are supported?

Your boxing gloves will come with a set of recommendations for cleaning and maintenance. These can help you know what type of efforts to employ, as well as which cleaning methods could affect your gloves negatively. We suggest that you look into these recommendations when you clean your gloves to know what to expect and how to go about it.

What cleaning agents are available to you?

There are a number of specialized cleaning solutions and deodorizers for boxing gear, and gloves in particular. If you have these cleaning agents, you will be able to manage your maintenance needs almost effortlessly. However, you can still keep your gloves clean and smelling great by using homemade alternatives. A saltwater soak or vinegar solution could come in handy if you do not have

Where will you store your gloves?

Your glove storage will be crucial to healthy and hassle free maintenance. Storing your gloves in humid conditions will promote growth of mildew and mold, which may increase the frequency of your maintenance. You may also face a greater health risk with moldy gloves, and may even be forced to face a lasting stench. You could store your boxing gloves in the freezer, and may even use a sock filled with DIY deodorant choices such as charcoal ash and bicarbonate of soda.

How to keep your gloves fresh and clean without a fuss

Cleaning your gloves will help keep any stenches and unseen stains away. Your boxing gloves will bear the brunt of your training, and could develop odor and bacteria very quickly. So how do you go about cleaning them?

Most synthetic leather options, such as PU, leatherette and Rexene gloves can be machine washed. This is also the case for gloves that feature a closed cell design since they do not absorb water. Most other options will feature an open cell design, which will significantly be affected by washing them in your machine. Your gloves could end up taking a week to dry, which is both inconveniencing and potentially dangerous in regards to growth of mold.

You should steer clear of chemical detergents and only use products that are designated for your gloves. If you are considering hand washing but do not have the right products, a 1:2 vinegar and water solution will help clean your gloves and break down any odor.

Never rush to dry your gloves. They should dry out naturally to reduce the risk of inconsistency and potential mold problems. If you wipe your gloves clean, they will still need a few hours to dry out. If you are not sure whether they are completely dry, you could weigh them to find out. Dry gloves will weigh at most as much as they did during purchase.

The benefits of boxing gloves for your workout

Can boxing gloves offer value for your boxing training? They are the single biggest piece of gear for your training needs. Here’s how you stand to benefit from using boxing gloves for boxing training.

  • Impact protection reduces injury risk to your hands
  • Improved wrist support for harder hits and lower risk of injury
  • A natural fist shape could help you build your technique
  • Boxing gloves help to build strength and resistance by weighing down your hand

Final word

So, are boxing gloves machine washable? There are a few options that will be compatible with machine wash maintenance, but most gloves will be too delicate to just fling into your washer. Instead of this approach, we would recommend a thorough and customized clean of your gloves regularly, with light maintenance after your workouts. Wearing hand wraps beneath your boxing gloves and washing your hands before your training are two great ways to cut down on the potential sweat and grime buildup that could occur with intensive application. With the right conditioners and maintenance agents, you should be able to keep your gloves neat and germ free every time. You may even consider deodorizing your gloves to keep the risk of them developing a bad odor to a minimum. If you If you take care of your gloves well, they could offer durable service and unbeatable value for your boxing training.