Why are boxing gloves weighted?

Are you interested in boxing but are unsure what gloves to go for? If so, the weighted glove could be a great option to start with. Weighted gloves are unlike regular training gloves in their design and build. These gloves are typically heavier and offer less protection than regular training gloves. They are a popular choice for different types of training even though they are not suited for throwing punches. If you are interested in your first pair of gloves to help you learn the sport, weighted picks could offer great value. But why are boxing gloves weighted? We explore everything you need to know about these special gloves.

What is the difference between weighted and regular gloves?

Weighted gloves are not your regular training gloves. They are designed to wrap around your hands to secure them, they do not feature the highly absorbent padding that is common with training gloves. They are also slightly bulkier around the wrist as a result of the added weight. To put that into perspective, your training gloves will only weigh slightly over a pound. However, weighted gloves could easily weigh double or triple that. These gloves may not be ideal for striking, but they can be great for improving endurance when shadow boxing.

Will weighted gloves improve your game?

Weighted gloves are unbeatable in their training value. They will be very limited for bag work and sparring, but they can be a crucial first pair to help you learn the ropes. Here are some of the top benefits of using weighted boxing gloves.


A more natural feel than weights

Weighted gloves offer value for boxers that regular gloves just can’t provide. Even the heavier set gloves, which we only recommend for appropriate weight classes, lack the resistance offered by weighted gloves. The closest you can come to weighted gloves is shadowboxing with dumbbells. But these weights are very restrictive when compared to weighted gloves. They are not build to fit your hand in a natural fist, unlike weighted gloves. The weights also offer limited capacity for certain combinations and techniques that are basic to boxers, such as keeping your guard.

Better cardiovascular endurance

While you can still benefit from your regular gloves for cardio, weighted gloves offer much more value. With these gloves, and the range of exercises on offer, you will be able to push your body and develop your cardiovascular endurance. Unlike regular gloves, weighted gloves offer greater resistance for added value for this type of use.

Increased exertion and speed

The rate of perceived exertion is a scale used to determine the difficulty of an exercise with specific gear. The scale suggests that training with weighted gloves requires greater exertion could be a great way to enhance musculoskeletal changes which will have a positive effect on your performance. If you are using weighted gloves, you may be better able to build up your body for boxing. Weighted gloves offer an impressive performance when it comes to developing your speed. They are heavier than regular gloves, which means that they could help build resistance. With weighted gloves, you will be better able to adapt to throwing quicker punches that could easily dazzle your opponent.

Increased stamina and strength

If you are training with heavier gear, chances are high that you could muscular growth. Weighted gloves will have a marked change on your stamina and strength when compared to regular gloves, even if the difference is not too significant. An additional couple of pounds on each hand will feel comfortable at first, but can cause faster hand fatigue. Over time, you will be able to adapt to the additional weight by developing larger muscles. For best results, you should maintain consistent training and watch your diet.

A guide for the different glove weights

If you are looking into your first pair of boxing gloves, there’s a high chance that the different sizing options offered may have been a little confusing. Weighted gloves will present a straightforward choice, since they serve a very unique purpose. Unlike regular gloves, they will not offer protection against impact, and will be better suited towards boosting endurance. If you are looking for training gloves, here is a breakdown of the most common glove weights on offer.

  • 10-oz gloves – Usually small and lightweight, and offer very little protection.
  • 12-oz gloves – Best suited for fighters below 120 pounds.
  • 14-oz gloves – Ideal for people weighing between 120 and 150 pounds.
  • 16-oz gloves – These versatile gloves are ideal for most people. A standard choice for many gyms
  • 18-oz and 20-oz gloves – Best suited for heavy hitters weighing above 150 pounds. Can be used to boost endurance

Bag work fundamentals that will go well with weighted glove training

You will need to diversify your approach beyond shadowboxing with weighted gloves to ensure holistic growth as a fighter. You may take up speed and heavy bags to improve your technique and approach, as well as sparring to give you a real feel of the ring. Still, weighted gloves can help you enjoy the perks of both speed and heavy bags if you stick to these rules.

Always punch constantly – Shadowboxing, especially when done without supervision, can often degenerate into a low effort activity that offers limited value. If you want to benefit from your weighted gloves, you have to attack the air as though you were facing the bag or an opponent.

Focus on your footwork and keep moving – You should always pivot and stay ready to move when facing an opponent, which is a fundamental rule for bags as well. When shadowboxing, you may tend to stay in a single spot. This will limit the range of your footwork, and could affect your ability to reach greater heights.

Remember to keep your form when punching and to maintain eye contact with your space as you would in other types of training.

Final word

So, why are boxing gloves weighted? To create greater resistance that allows you to build up speed, stamina, strength and endurance. These gloves could help you learn different aspects of boxing without even landing your first punch. They are a naturally fitting alternative to different endurance training efforts for your hands. If you are looking to build up your cardiovascular endurance, stamina and strength levels, weighted gloves could be a value choice.