Trideer Pro Grade Boxing Gloves Review

Are you looking for a comfortable and durable pair of boxing gloves that is available in all sizes? This Trideer pro grade boxing gloves review will help you find out more about a convenient option.

The high quality build of the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves is down to the vast experience by a brand that specializes in a variety of gear and apparel for men and women. The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are tough and comfortable, protecting both the wearer and their sparring partner at all times. These gloves are easy to maintain, comfortable to use over very long sessions and surprisingly budget friendly.

But will they match your needs? The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are available for a variety of weight classes, ensuring everyone can find an ideal fit for them. They are also well padded and nicely constructed. We explore the gloves in detail below.

What should you expect from the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves?

Trideer specializes in fighting gear, with high quality gloves and mitts being central to the brand. The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are a high quality faux leather set of gel gloves that are powerful and durable. These gloves are very easy to maintain, and guarantee a great performance for both sparring and bag work. Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are added with a gel foam that wraps around your natural fist shape to ensure maximum comfort.

The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves can be maintained by a simple wipe after use, with proper drying periods allocated afterwards. This will help you keep the faux leather exterior in good shape and extend the lifespan of these handy gloves. Unlike leather gloves, no conditioners are required. You will be able to enjoy the comfort and support provided by the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves over a long period thanks to the quality of their build and overall finish.

What do the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves offer?

These are some of the key features of the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves.

Support and protection

The multi-layered structure of the density foam beneath the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves ‘faux leather exterior ensures comprehensive impact protection. These gloves will maintain complete protection for both you and your partner when sparring, and maintain a healthy lifespan for heavy duty bag work. These gloves are also built for added stability around the wrist, making it easier to sustain your power when throwing. The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves will be a handy partner for your fighting gear.

Design and build

The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are only available in pink and black options, but they are also accessible for every weight class. These gloves are sturdy and well crafted, featuring perks such as a secure wrist closure for added value. The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves also feature a hardy faux leather exterior which requires reduced maintenance. The comfortable Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are fitted with a breathable lining and mesh that aerate your gloves to prevent any sogginess and moisture buildup. Thanks to the multi layered foam, these gloves will guarantee extended service. They can be a great solution to your glove problem for a long time to come.

Comfort and fit

The comfortable inner lining serves to boost the overall value of the fit of these gloves. They are so securely fitting that they will stay on your hands even when used with the Velcro straps loose, thanks to a design focus on the anatomic structure of the hand. The gloves are heavily padded but spacious enough to facilitate larger hands and hand wraps. The Velcro closure runs around the wrist, ensuring added glove security and a better overall fit. Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are fitted with a breathable inner lining and mesh that ensures no moisture build up happens in your gloves with use. This is important to ensure sustained comfort even with extended activity. The gloves are anatomically designed, so they will not need any breaking in time and will be a secure fit from the get go. With the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves, you will be able to throw punches comfortably, and do it throughout lengthy sessions as well.


Trideer pro grade boxing gloves can be used for a variety of training needs, including Muay Thai training thanks to a special anatomic fit. The gloves are very heavily padded, which makes them ideal for use for both sparring and bag work. These gloves will handle rigorous use thanks to the multi-layered foam for higher absorption capacity. That makes the gloves very versatile, and ideally suited for training and professional use. The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves could offer an all-in-one solution to your boxing glove needs.

What we liked

  • Value for money buy
  • Available in all sizes
  • Multi-layered foam for added shock absorption
  • Great widened construction for increased support
  • Breathable mesh and supple lining for superior comfort
  • Pre-curved anatomic fist design allows for comfortable closure and more natural punches

What we didn’t like

  • Only available in 2 colors


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The faux leather exterior of the Trideer pro grade boxing gloves pales when compared to other options, but it is still a very high quality pair of gloves. You should remember to avoid any acid, bleach and hot water when cleaning your Trideer pro grade boxing gloves to reduce the risk of damage to your exterior. Aside from the slightly increased maintenance needs, these gloves are a very convenient pick for most boxers. They are comfortable, and can handle the demands of both bag work and sparring. The padding quality is also very good, and these gloves will guarantee high protection for your wrists, thumbs and hands. The Trideer pro grade boxing gloves are designed for added wrist protection when throwing punches, and are designed with a lengthy Velcro strap for secure closure when in use. They are a great value pick at the price, and the variety of sizes should help you find a custom pick.



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